Week 17 Day 3

Workout Complete!!

 I had the follow up at doctors office and all my lab tests came out good with nothing to worry about and my BP numbers gave her something to smile about!!! I was a little worried about the results and I think it was because all of this has caught me by surprise.  I suppose it is “better late than never” and I can put this behind me now and just continue with my routine and add the DASH diet in there. I feel blessed and  I can breathe again. 

I just ran 2 miles today and did  some upper body but tomorrow I will pick it up again. 

Week 17 Day 2

Workout done!!

Week 16 Day 4

These are my numbers as of this hour and they are actually good!! I feel better and no eye strain. My left foot is still swollen and that bothers me because it is only the left foot. I have a follow up on Saturday and will get that checked and answered. Yesterday the doctor kept me for 4 hours trying to bring the numbers down and gave me medication for a month. I am able to continue my daily exercise and running as long as I drink those pills and monitor myself. This totally sucks!!!! I dislike meds and I was sure I could work this out without them. I have not done ANY acticity all week, I have been worried out of my mind and will continue my daily workouts starting Monday… I still don’t understand what happened…

These numbers are the reason I have been stressed all week long. I am glad they are down though!!!

Doctors Office

A day without coffee is a day that wasn’t, at least that is how my day feels. I am sitting waiting at doctors office and stressed out to the point of eye strain, OR it could be the elevated BP OR the lack of my precious coffee….Who knows. 

I took to google to search my BP numbers and it all took me to the ER and yet I am told to relax and not stress out…seems nearly impossible. I refuse to take meds and prefer natural remedies over anything but I also unserstand that I am not the doctor. I wonder what is going on in my body right now. Have I damaged any vital organs by refusing to see a doctor or take meds? I have known of this condition for 5 years and never looked back. Was i hoping it would go away? 

Still stressed out and waiting..

Week 16 Day 2

My feet are still swollen and I am beyond worried. I checked my blood pressure and it is very high.. I am not sure what is going on. I have been eating well and I exercise more than usual… I avoid salty foods and prep my meals almost daily.

I will be monitoring my BP this week and slow my pace for a bit to see what happens. 

Week 16 Day 1

Help!!! I came home and took off my heels and I could not believe how swollen my feet and ankles were! I tried running and walking and couldnt!! What’s going on???